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We have taken a break from making furniture. We are leavign the site up, but are not actively making anything right now.

BondcoDSM is not your average fetish furniture company. Built from the ground up by a couple of guys who love the scene, BondcoDSM focuses on creating pieces that will not only look great, but be safe, functional and often times easily collapsible. Most of the fetish and bondage furniture on the market is poor quality, mass produced, or both. With BondcoDSM, every piece of furniture is handmade with the strongest and most durable materials to guarantee longevity, enjoyment and safety.

Creating custom bondage and fetish furniture and equipment is not easy, but over several years of fine-tuning, BondcoDSM has mastered the art of bringing you pieces from common staples such as cages, crosses and suspension frames, to custom pieces to fit your home or dungeon. No piece leaves BondcoDSM without being up to par with the creators’ high standards for personal use, and if it isn’t good enough for them to use it will never be good enough for them to sell.

Do not hesitate to contact BondcoDSM for custom work requests. The challenge of creating something new is part of why BondcoDSM’s creators do what they do.



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